July 31, 2016

Wellness center launches at Strong House

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Shown here is the LifeCycle Wellness Center team, from left, Kathy Smith, Laleh Talebian, Karlen Thyne and Adam Thatcher.

QUECHEE — Last month, Laleh Talebian opened LifeCycle Wellness Center, located in the Strong House Spa and Muscular Therapy Clinic in Quechee.

She recently announced the schedule of summer classes, which are being held through September.

“Most classes are held outdoors during the summer months, but inside you can enjoy the privacy and quiet of a personal session for your strength, balance, Reiki, yoga and healthy nutritional needs,” Talebian said.

Owner and founder of LifeCycle Wellness, Talebian is a research scientist and health and nutrition consultant. Through her background in cancer and immunotherapy research, she has applied her knowledge of the field to implement individualized holistic, wellness health plans through careful analysis of her clients’ genetic histories.

“LifeCycle Wellness Center is about the cycle of life, about your overall well-being, and about balance, nourishment and strength that is yours, to enjoy life,” Talebian said.

In addition to applying her medical research for nutrition and lifestyle changes, she has created a number of classes centered around physical health through exercise. The classes currently offered include the LifeCycle summer conditioning class series. This is a three-phase program set to lead the way to better health and conditioning.

“We offer a full-capacity space for personal training exercises. We are not a gym for membership — we are a private training studio,” Talebian said. “Everything we offer is personalized and customized per-person.”

Talebian and her team also offer training for professional, competitive athletes. During the summer months, Talebian is a cyclist, participating in Navy Seal fitness challenges, while also competing in all-natural bodybuilding year-round.

“We began renting our space at the Strong House in June. It took time to build a team who are dedicated and focused — and my team today are all like-minded people,” Talebian said.

LifeCycle Wellness Center offers a multitude of wellness programs including: personal training, group exercise classes, circuit training, yoga, weight conditioning, boot camp, sustainable healthy weight programs, care programs for cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and immune system care.

“I also specialize in nutrition and health consulting — my youngest client was 14 and my oldest was 85. I have consulted (with) over 300 people throughout both the Upper Valley and internationally,” Talebian said.

LifeCycle Wellness Center welcomes clients of all ages. Talebian added, “the cycle of life — health for life, I don’t think about age.”

The center is located in a separate structure from the Strong House Spa and Muscular Therapy Center, on the first floor of the barn. The walls of the barn are lined with equipment for training, and the center of the barn is open, lending space for group classes, but also to avoid the crammed atmosphere of a gym.

“We are unique to the Upper Valley; membership gyms are easily accessible, whereas our center is a deeper focus on genetic needs for individuals,” Talebian said.

LifeCycle Wellness Center is located in the Strong House Spa and Muscular Therapy Center at 694 Quechee Main Street in Quechee. For more information, class scheduling and appointments, LifeCycle Wellness can be visited online at www.StrongHouseSpa.com. Or to make an appointment directly for both individual and group training classes, email lifecyclekkl@gmail.com. Classes are open for drop-ins at $12 per class, and class packages are available as well. Personal consultation and training is by appointment only.

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