January 1, 2016

VBK Law: St. Albans is good fit

Provided. Vanessa Kittell is the owner and founder of VBK Law in St. Albans.

ST. ALBANS – Growing up in farm-rich Fairfield, Vanessa Kittell always imagined herself in a career where she “stood up for what’s right and talked back to injustice,” but she didn’t quite envision herself doing it in the courtroom.

Today, Kittell is the sole attorney and founder of VBK Law, on Main Street, in St. Albans. She originally opened her practice on Kingman Street, in St. Albans, in May 2014 and moved to her current site last January.

A seventh-generation Vermonter, Kittell specializes in injury law, representing plaintiffs in auto collisions, work-related injuries, farm accidents and wrongful deaths. Her first significant farm claim involved stray voltage that had an impact on her clients’ farm and herd production.

“I find myself involved when people or families have been harmed in some way,” she said. “I work with them to help fix the harm, where we can, and find some peace through the civil court.”

Kittell deals with an array of consumer issues. Insurance exists to cover harm where liability is shown, but sometimes fair compensation is not offered until an attorney is involved, she said.

“I see people who come in and say, ‘I hate lawyers, but I can’t do this alone,’” she said. “Someone has to stand up and tell these stories.”

Kittell moved from Kingman Street to Main Street to be more involved in the ongoing downtown changes, but she also wanted more visibility, and a well-lit, open atmosphere — emphasizing that transparency matters to her.

“This work that I do is all about trust,” she said. “A lot of times, this is about standing up to bullies.”

Asked about her inspirations, Kittell cited her parents: Bill, a retired attorney; and Sara, a nurse, business owner and former Vermont state senator.

Kittell earned her law degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 — along with a master’s degree in bioethics from the university’s school of medicine; it was her way of planting the seed for a future in helping farmers.

“You get things done with humor, force and belief — it’s a magical mixture of those things,” Kittell said. “I continue to feel so grateful to do the work that I do.”

VBK law is located at 12 S. Main St., St. Albans. The phone number is 802.524.6568. The hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The website is www.vbklawvt.com. The e-mail address is vkittell@vbklawvt.com.

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