Allisyn Houghton

Allisyn Houghton joins Richards Group

BRATTLEBORO — The Richards Group recently hired Allisyn Houghton to join its retirement plan services practice. In her role at the firm, Houghton will advise employers on the management of their retirement plans and will lead onsite education initiatives for plan participants. She is based at the firm’s Brattleboro office. Most recently, Houghton was employed by an international digital publishing company, where she worked as a staff accountant, coordinated sales and marketing efforts and provided financial analysis. She earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting in business administration from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Your financial health check up

Your annual physical checkup and health screenings are scheduled. Your dental checkups, and perhaps those for your spouse and children, are on your calendar or smartphone. Yet many people fail to schedule time for a regular financial-health checkup.

Be aware of challenges to managing retirement income

When you retire, will your cost of living decline? Some of your expenses may indeed drop, but others won’t. Plus, you may have some new ones to consider. So, all in all, it’s a good idea to think about ways to boost your retirement savings now, before you’re retired. And once you do retire, you’ll need to be adept at managing your income.

Your retirement spending and income: Two plans are better than one

Retirement plans demonstrate the wisdom of the proverb “two heads are better than one” — a proverb that always brings to mind the music from the classic Sesame Street video. Now, the “two heads” can be you and your spouse, or you and your financial advisor, but you can also benefit from encouraging a dialogue between the income-you and the spending-you. Your retirement spending plan

The spending side of you can be a lot of fun. Start with what you’re spending right now on a monthly and annual basis for every category. (If you don’t know for sure, start tracking and patterns will emerge.) Next, take your current consumption level and develop a version for your spending in retirement.

What can golf teach you about retirement planning?

If you’re a golfer, you know the joys (and occasional frustrations) of the game. But you might not realize that some of the lessons you learn on the links can carry over to other areas of your life — such as retirement planning.

Five ways to avoid sleepless nights in retirement

The financial headlines can be hazardous to your sleep health in retirement. It is easy to get the jitters and start worrying that you should do something, anything but stay on your current financial course. Yet it rarely makes sense to panic and sell your holdings. Over the years, I have developed a list of five ways to help you avoid the sleepless nights in retirement that financial headlines can bring.