November 18, 2016

Pub’s new name honors musical connection

Provided photo

The front of The Venue located on Wales Street in Rutland.

RUTLAND — Ryan Greeno, owner of Pub 42 on Wales Street in Rutland, was spotted up on a ladder recently, leaning out to scrub off the vinyl where the logo for Pub 42 has been displayed for years.

Greeno was getting ready for the unveiling a new sign with a new name for his venue.

The original owners of Pub 42 (recently renamed The Venue) had connections to the local police and emergency services. The “42” part of the name refers to the code “10-42,” signaling the end of an officer’s shift and the fact that they are now off duty.

Greeno took over the bar in January of this year and has worked to clean it up and grow the clientele. On a recent Sunday, he unveiled the new sign and name — an open mic is held every Sunday.

“It’s the musicians that have saved this place,” he said brushing soap off his hands, before the sign was done, “and I want it to be about music going forward.”

While the bar is not large, he said they have made do for now and have had some pretty decent-sized bands play in their current space.

“We already have Sonic Malfunction lined up for New Years’,” he said. “It will be their first show in Rutland.”

Recently, some of the members of that band performed under a different name, and Greeno said having live music definitely brings people in. He is also lining up a number of bands for upcoming weekends.

“They are a more mature crowd — people who come to hear live music.”

Greeno has plans to eventually move into the building next door, which was a family-owned plumbing supply company for years. He holds the lease but is waiting for renovations before the space is usable.

The plan is to knock down the door in-between the two spaces, which would result in a venue with more than double the current space. Greeno plans to put in a full stage and have in-house lights and sounds. He hopes to have an outdoor space as well.

The new sign was unveiled around 10 p.m. on a recent night, and Pub 42 became The Venue, with a sign sporting a guitar and advertising live music every weekend.

The Venue is located at 12 Wales St. in downtown Rutland.


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