February 26, 2016

New dental practice opens in Manchester

Equinox Dental, the new practice of Dr. Xandra Velenchik, opened its doors this past November in the heart of Manchester.
Velenchik is currently accepting new patients of all ages, and is keen on creating a practice that serves the whole family.
The space, which was previously occupied by colleague Dr. Andrew Schmid, has undergone renovations and offers patients a tranquil place to have their dental needs met. Gray paint coats the walls and white wainscoting lends a homey New England touch to the rooms, where state-of-the-art equipment has been installed. Creating a calming environment was important to Velenchik, who wants to change the notion that going to the dentist has to be an unpleasant nuisance.
“I want my practice to be an office that patients look forward to visiting,” she said. “I don’t like that so many people see visiting the dentist’s office as an uncomfortable experience. When patients come into my office, I want them to feel like they are coming into an extension of my home.”
A pleasant experience is key to Velenchik’s business model, as is her central location. While current patients have come to her through word of mouth, she hopes her Main Street office will drive new business.
“When I set out to find an office, I wanted to have a local, community-based practice,” Velenchik said. “As a dentist, I want to be involved in the community and be an advocate for the town.”
Family and community are important to the mom of three, and in being her own boss, she feels that she has the best of both worlds: a great career and a thriving family life. But her husband and children aren’t the only ones who have earned the distinction of family members in Velenchik’s eyes.
“I think of my patients as members of my extended family,” Velenchik said. “And what is more important than family?”
Equinox Dental is located at 5053 Main Street in Manchester Center, VT.  The phone number is 768-8595.  The office email is frontdesk@equinoxdental.com.

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