January 7, 2016

Mobius announces mentoring grants

Mobius recently awarded 27 grants to support adult-to-youth mentoring programs throughout the state, as part of the Vermont Mentoring Grants initiative. The grants totaled $327,715.
Eight of this year’s grants, which totaled more than $150,000, will support mentoring agencies and programs serving youth in southern Vermont. These included a $45,000 grant to Everybody Wins! Vermont; a $26,000 grant to The DREAM Program; a $25,475 grant to The Mentor Connector; a $18,300 grant to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bennington County/United Counseling Service; a $15,500 grant to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Windham County/Youth Services; a $12,250 grant to Windsor County Partners; a $6,500 grant to the Ottaquechee Community Partnership; and a $2,600 grant to The Collaborative.
Statewide, this grant funding from Mobius will support 106 new and existing program sites, and nearly 1,900 adult-to-youth mentor pairs in communities across Vermont.
For more information: www.mobiusmentors.org.

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