December 16, 2017

Lucas promoted to lieutenant  

WILLISTON — Sgt. Robert Lucas, Vermont State Police patrol commander in Williston, was promoted to lieutenant, and to station commander at the Williston Field Station.

Lucas has served more than 15 years, graduating from the Vermont Police Academy in early 2002. He began his career as a trooper at the Middlesex Barracks, and in 2010 he was promoted to sergeant in the Office of Technology Management at headquarters. In 2013, he was transferred to patrol commander at the Williston barracks. Along with these duties, Lucas has long served on the Vermont State Police Bomb Squad as a bomb technician and as a bomb detection canine handler.

The field station commander is the local representative for the community served by Vermont State police, who works with local officials and citizens to address public safety and law enforcement concerns. Lucas can be reached by phone at 878-7111 or .





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