December 29, 2017

Granite City brings Spinning to Zenith cycling studio

A Spinning group fitness class at Granite City Group Fitness in Barre. The couple that owns the studio has taken over a cycling location in Montpelier, and will open Monday. PROVIDED PHOTO


MONTPELIER — Spinning is coming to the Capital City on Monday, when Brittany and Brett Tremblay, owners of Granite City Group Fitness in Barre, open a second location at 54 Main St., previously Studio Zenith’s cycling center. Zenith will continue to operate group fitness classes next door at 50 Main St.

Spinning, a trademarked fitness activity, is indoor cycling with classes focused on endurance, strength, high intensity and recovery, and involves using special stationary exercise bicycles with weighted flywheels.

Brett and Brittney Tremblay have expanded their Granite City Group Fitness studio to Montpelier, where they will host Spinning classes. PHOTO BY PETER COBB

Brett and Brittney Tremblay have expanded their Granite City Group Fitness studio to Montpelier, where they will host Spinning classes. PHOTO BY PETER COBB

The Tremblays opened their Barre studio, located at 54 Depot Square, in June 2016. The Barre studio offers Spinning and a variety of group activities including yoga, Zumba (an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by Latin American dance), high-intensity interval training, Bootcamp (a program designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals) and candlelight yoga. The Montpelier operation will be solely a Spinning studio.

“We are excited to open a second location on Main Street in Montpelier. Much like our Barre location, we will be located in the heart of Montpelier within close access to area businesses,” Brett Tremblay said.

Spinning classes, according to Brittany Tremblay, combine exercise with fun and friendship. “We have an awesome community of people here. They are not our clients. They’re our friends.”

Spinning enthusiast Pamela Conway, of Barre Town, agrees. “This place is my family. I don’t know what I’d do without it.”

“Group fitness allows members to not only improve their health and their physical fitness, but also to socialize and form bonds with other members. These types of relationships are motivating and hold members more accountable for their fitness routines. It also makes fitness more enjoyable,” said Brittany Tremblay.

The couple opened their Barre studio in part because they could not find an “affordable, convenient and fun” activity that met their full-time work schedules. Brittany Tremblay is a special educator at Barre Town, while he works in the facilities management department at National Life in Montpelier. Both Tremblays are Spaulding High School graduates.

The Tremblays decided to expand to Montpelier when they saw a social media announcement that Studio Zenith wanted to sell its cycling operation. Studio Zenith also owns a studio in Waterbury.

“It was a perfect opportunity for us,” Brett Tremblay said, especially since the facility was already operating as a cycling center.

Granite City Group Fitness will honor the membership contracts for Studio Zenith’s cycling center members. The Montpelier studio will take the Granite City name and members will be able to use both facilities.

“We will offer dual memberships and punch cards for easy access to both studios, as well as a very competitive corporate rate,” Brett Tremblay said.

The Montpelier studio will have 15 Spinner Shift bikes, and classes will include Spinning, and Spin and Tone workouts.

“These types of classes are preferable for members who are seeking cardio and weight training in the format of high-intensity interval training to build toned, lean muscle,” Brett Tremblay said. “Our mission is to make fitness affordable, convenient and fun for all ages.”

The main difference between Spinning and other types of indoor cycling, he added, is all Spinning-certified facilities must use Spinner bikes and hire only certified instructors. Granite City has 10 certified instructors at its Barre location and plans to have another 12 in Montpelier.

Although a group activity, each Spinning participant controls the level of intensity to suit his or her ability and fitness level. No one should be intimidated, he said. “Every participant can control their training and exercise at a level that meets their needs.”

According to Brett Tremblay, the studio’s class format is designed for quick and effective exercise. A dressing area with a private shower is available at both locations.

Brittany Tremblay is a group-fitness and certified Spinning instructor. She is an avid runner and enjoys hiking. She played college basketball at Saint Michael’s college and continues to play women’s league basketball.

Her husband is also a certified instructor and avid mountain biker. He enjoys hiking and landscaping. They live in Barre with their two dogs, Gracie and Kaya.


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