June 19, 2016

Creative-media companies merge

BURLINGTON — Earlier this spring, co-founders Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream were voluntarily arrested at the U.S. Capitol as a part of the Democracy Awakening Organization protest. This is one of the many moments that partners Seth Neary and Joe Gaetani of Driven Studio in Burlington capture and make into creative content for a wide range of companies.

Neary, a former professional snowboarder, founded Driven Studio in 2007. The Burlington-based production company specializes in graphic design, product development, print and video production, branding, advertising, photography, copywriting and interactive media services.

Seth Neary

Peter Cirilli Photo

Seth Neary

As of June 1, Neary acquired the Burlington-based creative agency Rightside Productions, which specializes in story telling and video production.

“Our teams have been working hand-in-hand in shared office space for nearly 10 years,” said Joe Gaetani, former Rightside Productions owner. He’s now the creative director and partner at Driven Studio. “The model we’ve created over that time together has really broken the mould within our industry, setting us apart, making us who we are and projecting that through meaningful content and storytelling. With that being said, we felt that it was time for us to join forces.”

Neary and Gaetani each came from the world of action sports. The graphics on snowboards and skateboards caught their attention, as well as the video production and music that goes with video projects in the industry.

“I always traveled with a camera while I was traveling for snowboarding in the 90s,” Neary said. “My passion for film spawned from snowboarding and skateboarding, and I later found myself graduating from Champlain College in 2000 with a degree in multi media and graphic design.”

The snowboarding community is a community of individuals who are truly invested the sport, drawing risk-takers and creative minds who are always seeking the next challenge to overcome. The culture and lifestyle of snowboarding guided Neary and Gaetani in the same direction at the same time.

Joe Gaetani

Peter Cirilli Photo

Joe Gaetani

“For those that live and breathe snowboarding (and) understand the sense or the feeling of creativity that the culture allows, this force was the creator of what was once a hobby,” Gaetani said. “At Champlain College I majored in business, but found that all of the electives I was taking were in photography, design and film. Never did I think that my hobby would turn into my livelihood.”

Neary and Gaetani are looking forward to the future of their newly merged businessa.

“No project is too big or too small,” Neary said. “Our goal is to become the go-to design, video production, and copywriting agency for value-based brands that want their unique story told with authenticity and passion, through a creative genuine voice. We have 10 employees and one intern — there’s a passion that permeates from our team and it comes through in our work.”

Prior to merging into one company, Rightside Productions worked with a number of companies such as Burton Snowboards, Anon, Northwestern Medical Center, Champlain College, National Life Group and Spectrum Youth and Family Services.

Together, Neary and Gaetani have become apart of numerous companies’ teams: Ben and Jerry, Cabot Creamery, AllEarth Renewables, The University of Vermont, Middlebury Interactive, GoodFolks, Insite Insoles, Champlain College, Commando, National Life Group, LandVest, Gordini and Drop MFG.

“We refer to our clients as partners,” Gaetani said. “It’s more than a client relationship — we are on the same team and we become ingrained in their teams. Our goal as partners is to continue producing meaningful content. We want to create positive stories that create change in the world. If we can achieve that, then we are winning.”

Driven Studio is currently located at 1 Lawson Lane, Studio 225, in Burlington. The building is newly renovated and the company occupies a 2,000-square-foot office space. For more information, email the business at hello@drivenstudio.com or visit www.drivenstudio.com.

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