April 8, 2016

CCV grads offered CU tuition deal

Beginning this fall, Castleton University will allow Community College of Vermont graduates to attend the university for the same price they would pay at CCV.

“The key thing going forward for students is really to show that this is an affordable option for them. And many students struggle, as you know, to pay for college. Anything that we can do to ease that burden is really what motivates us to do this,” said Castleton Dean of Enrollment Maurice Ouimet.

The Transfer Success Scholarship is designed to bring Castleton’s tuition rate in line with CCV’s on an ongoing basis. CCV graduates enrolling full time in either the fall or spring semester will automatically qualify for the funds, but will need to maintain continuous enrollment at Castleton and a minimum 2.5 GPA to keep the renewable scholarship.

“Forty-eight percent of CCV students continue their education beyond an associate’s degree, and we’re very excited that more graduates will be able to pursue an affordable four-year degree at Castleton with the Transfer Success Scholarship,” said CCV President Joyce Judy in a statement.

Next year’s tuition rate at CCV is set at $253 per credit, for a total tuition bill of $6,072 for a full-time student taking a 24-credit course load. That will mean a $4,176 discount next year for a CCV grads attending Castleton, which would otherwise charge Vermont residents $10,248 in tuition a year for a 24-credit load.

Previous articulation agreements between the two schools guarantees admission to CCV graduates at Castleton, except in select programs.

As students across the country feel the squeeze from climbing tuition and fees, more are coming to four-year institutions after having first knocked out credits at typically cheaper two-year schools, Ouimet said.
“Our hope is that this will encourage more students to choose Castleton upon completion,” he said.
Castleton enrolls about 50 to 60 CCV students each year, Ouimet said, although this includes those who transfer in without completing an associate’s degree first.

This article first appeared in the April 8, 2016 edition of the Rutland Herald.

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