August 24, 2017

Pageant seeks contestants


The Official US Continental Pageant is in search of Ms. and Mrs. Vermont US Continental.

Qualification for entry is: Ms. Vermont applicants must be 18 and over and may be single, married, divorced or widowed. Mrs. Vermont applicants must be 18 and over and must be married. These programs recognize women of the new millennium for their accomplishments at home, work and in their community. Areas of Competition: Fitness in Aerobic Wear 33 1/3%, Private Interview 33 1/3%, Evening Gown Competition 33 1/3%, no talent or pageant experience required.

How to apply to represent your community as the Official Mrs. & Ms. Vermont US Continental: All interested applicants should apply before October 31, 2017.
It’s time to make a difference in your community!

Application requests can be made by:
Phone: 561-317-6201, fill out an on-line application at

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